Guiding Values

It is important to demonstrate my experience. My informal training has far surpassed my formal training. The accumulated hours in which I have spent troubleshooting errors, reading documentation, and starting over from scratch has allowed the opportunity for personal growth, as well as the strengthening of my skills.

I will not knowingly do business with people who demonstrate that their values align with White Supremacy, Transphobia, Heterosexism, Xenophobia, or Antisemitism. Community-building is important to me, and I cannot work with, or promote, those that would infringe on the rights of others.

We may do business (or not), and you may be a repeat customer (or not). What's more important to me is that we are comfortable collaborating with each other, as well as inspired by each others' ideas.

I am free to offer my labor as a form of mutual aid or volunteering to those who may be in need. I am free to give up as much of my profits towards reparations as I wish, and for those reasons, everyone will receive their own custom billing terms from me. These will be agreed upon before the start of any services.

Integrity checks help computers eliminate errors, and so, too, does having integrity eliminate unnecessary problems. My projects and my business relations are built with security and confidence in mind.